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Local Security Launches Product to Reduce COVID-19 Spread

SafeSpaces Uses Visual AI Monitoring to Monitor, Analyze and Respond to Safety Risks in Workplaces

VANCOUVER, BC: Local Security, a Canadian security technology company, has launched a new product to improve workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SafeSpaces is a complete solution to monitor, analyze, and respond to COVID-19 and safety risks. This visual AI monitoring technology can be used to detect sanitization measures, safety compliance, cluster density, social distancing, and more. Local Security Cloud Services are delivered exclusively through a network of local security integration partners.

Cloud-based algorithms are used to analyze the security footage. Real-time insights are then sent to the safety manager or appropriate authority, enabling them to take immediate preventative action. The Local Security SafeSpaces platform is available worldwide and can connect to most existing security cameras, making it easy to implement in offices, retail locations, factories, warehouses, public spaces, and more.

In a time when increasing safety measures and reducing risk is more important than ever, having a robust system in place could be the solution to opening business doors and keeping them open.

“Local Security offers unprecedented online cloud based video surveillance and management capabilities that we use internally every day to manage our monitoring operations across the country”

- Devon Thomas, CFO

SafeSpaces is only one of several products offered by Local Security. Local Security works with local security companies and IT service providers to equip them with advanced technologies to better serve their clients. The company uses integrated technologies, such as facial recognition, two-way audio, and electronic mapping, to extend the functionality of its services.

Sought-after products include Remote Guard Services and Remote Video Monitoring, which are designed to protect properties with immediate response to threat. When the cameras and smart systems detect an intruder or threat, operators are alerted and can evaluate the events in real time. They can then either log the event, or dispatch emergency services, preventing false alarms and taking immediate action when necessary.

Other products offered by Local Security include cloud surveillance, bespoke CRMs for security integrators, customized systems, and more.


Local Security is protection that feels like home. We are neighbours, we are friends, we are family members, but above all—we are security experts.

Our trusted network of integrators, central stations, and platform providers’ primary goal is to ensure you have the necessary protection; and to always give you peace of mind.

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