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                                      Release Notes - 22.6.23

                                      NEW Enhanced TAC Upgrades

                                      Remote teams can now use the Threat Assessment Console and the Alarm Station Console at the same time.

                                      Acknowledgments and dispositions in both consoles update in real-time for all users viewing the incident!


                                      • Icons for Viewed / Unviewed
                                      • Select All to action multiple events at once
                                      • Sound option for Beta Queue
                                      • Sound option for incoming calls


                                      Release Notes - 22.5.13

                                      NEW Bounty Hunter PRO

                                      The Bounty Hunter PRO mobile app is now available in select markets....

                                      Release Notes - 22.2.7

                                      NEW Smart GatewayLocal Security is proud to present the Camera Glue Gateway solution that...

                                      Release Notes - 1.2.2

                                      New Features 🚀

                                      • Local Security partners with Milestone
                                        • Local Security has been...

                                      Release Notes - 1.2.1

                                      New Features 🚀

                                      • Local Security partners with RapidSOS
                                        • Local Security is now RapidSOS...

                                      Release Notes - 1.2.0

                                      New Features 🚀

                                      • HubSpot Partner Program
                                        • Local Security is a recognized HubSpot Startup...

                                      Release Notes - 1.1.0

                                      New Features 🚀

                                      • Live Guard Dispatch
                                        • Enable one-click guard response services throughout...

                                      Release Notes - 1.0.2

                                      New Features 🚀

                                      Release Notes - 1.0.1

                                      New Features 🚀

                                      • Custom Stripe Payment Gateways
                                      • Manage your customers payment information easily by...