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Release Notes - 1.0.2

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New Features 🚀

  • Phone System
  • Dial PSAPs, Guard Service, and Emergency Contacts from in browser. Eliminate the headache of a distributed phone system for your remote workers
  • Daily Service Reports Updates
  • Various updates to the daily service reports

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Action Items Enhancements
  • Manually put systems into ALARM
  • Other UI bugs
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Release Notes - 22.6.23

NEW Enhanced TAC Upgrades

Remote teams can now use the Threat Assessment Console and the Alarm Station Console...

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Release Notes - 22.5.13

NEW Bounty Hunter PRO

The Bounty Hunter PRO mobile app is now available in select markets. This mobile app makes...

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Release Notes - 22.2.7

NEW Smart GatewayLocal Security is proud to present the Camera Glue Gateway solution that will automatically...