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Release Notes - 1.2.1

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New Features 🚀

  • Local Security partners with RapidSOS
    • Local Security is now RapidSOS Ready, allowing remote operators to securely transmit text, picture, and video data with the click of a button.



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  • Incident Sharing
    • Share page including auto-creating an end customer share page for incidents with a disposition of L2 or greater that will be included in the daily Guard Service Report.

  • Dashboards
    • Custom dashboards and reporting engine v1.0 have been released. Dashboards are updated in real-time and can query data from virtually any area of the application. 
  • Improvements to Global Search
    • Quickly search for Accounts, Cameras, Contacts, and other records across your entire monitoring station account base.


Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Other UI bugs

About the Local Security Platform


The Cloud Alarm Management Platform, or CAMP, is a toolkit designed to decentralize video operations management. The toolkit allows companies interested in remote video management technology an end-to-end solution to add to their existing arsenal of products.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Surveillance Operations Software

All video, account data, response plans, and incident communication are visible from a single pane of glass.

*not for real bounty hunters

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Release Notes - 22.6.23

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Release Notes - 22.5.13

NEW Bounty Hunter PRO

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Release Notes - 22.2.7

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