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                                      5 min read

                                      Release Notes - 22.5.13

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                                      NEW Bounty Hunter PRO

                                      The Bounty Hunter PRO mobile app is now available in select markets. This mobile app makes creating video monitoring accounts a breeze for technicians and sales professionals.


                                      • Manage Customers
                                      • Signal Testing
                                      • Support Que
                                      • E-signatures
                                      Partner App Signal Testing

                                      NEW Advanced Event Supervision

                                      Create advanced supervision rules for any time of event, signal, or alarm from your devices. Automatically trigger custom Action Items, SLAs, and response paths.

                                      NEW Enhanced TAC

                                      More data is available from the Threat Assessment Console than ever before. This new BETA console gives rapid access to device management toolkits and site dossiers. 

                                      New TAC email


                                      Allow Password Managers

                                      You can now use your favourite password managers like LastPass and ITGlue to securely authenticate with Local Security.


                                      Updated Daily Service Report Format

                                      L0 Events like "Erroneous" and "Misidentification" notices will no longer appear on the first page of automated guard service reports under Incidents. This information will now be available under Interactions.


                                      Bug Fixes 🐞

                                      • Fix data validation error for Central Station information
                                      • Resolve scheduled arming inconsistencies

                                      In the News

                                      Local Security uses analytics to stop trouble before it happens

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                                      Local Security DPA

                                      Founders Group

                                      We wanted to personally invite you to join our Video Monitoring Professionals Facebook Community where you can connect and learn from like-minded founders with ambitions as large as yours.

                                      About the Local Security Platform

                                      The Cloud Alarm Management Platform, or CAMP, is a toolkit designed to decentralize video operations management. The toolkit allows companies interested in remote video management technology an end-to-end solution to add to their existing arsenal of products.

                                      Bounty Hunter

                                      Bounty Hunter

                                      Surveillance Operations Software

                                      All video, account data, response plans, and incident communication are visible from a single pane of glass.

                                      *not for real bounty hunters


                                      4 min read

                                      Release Notes - 22.6.23

                                      NEW Enhanced TAC Upgrades

                                      Remote teams can now use the Threat Assessment Console and the Alarm Station Console...

                                      5 min read

                                      Release Notes - 22.5.13

                                      NEW Bounty Hunter PRO

                                      The Bounty Hunter PRO mobile app is now available in select markets. This mobile app makes...

                                      4 min read

                                      Release Notes - 22.2.7

                                      NEW Smart GatewayLocal Security is proud to present the Camera Glue Gateway solution that will automatically...