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Local Security Release Notes

Latest updates and patches updates to the Local Security platform.

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Release Notes - 22.6.23

NEW Enhanced TAC Upgrades

Remote teams can now use the Threat Assessment Console and the...

Release Notes - 22.5.13

NEW Bounty Hunter PRO

The Bounty Hunter PRO mobile app is now available in select markets....

Release Notes - 22.2.7

NEW Smart GatewayLocal Security is proud to present the Camera Glue Gateway solution that...

Release Notes - 1.2.2

New Features 🚀

  • Local Security partners with Milestone
    • Local Security has been...

Release Notes - 1.2.1

New Features 🚀

  • Local Security partners with RapidSOS
    • Local Security is now RapidSOS...

Release Notes - 1.2.0

New Features 🚀

  • HubSpot Partner Program
    • Local Security is a recognized HubSpot Startup...

Release Notes - 1.1.0

New Features 🚀

  • Live Guard Dispatch
    • Enable one-click guard response services throughout...

Release Notes - 1.0.2

New Features 🚀

Release Notes - 1.0.1

New Features 🚀

  • Custom Stripe Payment Gateways
  • Manage your customers payment information easily by...